Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Age Limits In the UK/USA/CND

Recently, i was talking with a friend on Microsoft Messenger (MSN) Live, and I was amazed to find out about the United Kingdom(UK)'s age laws. the first thing that came to head was, how unfair, and then how appalling. Therefore, i decided to look this up a bit, and found this little bit, discriminatory language).

Although I'm not in the United States of America(USA), our age limits are similar, so i hope you can get the idea.
How ever, according to the website the following age limits are; and including Canada(CND) from myself.
SEX 16 - 18 - 18
Driving 17 -16/18- 16
Alcohol 18 -18/21- 18
Smoking 16 - 18 - 18
Marriage 16 -12-21- 18

Now I personally agree mostly with Canada's age limits, the US, i can deal with, and the UK is just appalling.

First I'm going to rant about the UK, then the USA, and finally CND.
Although i have only been to Holland in the UK, I'd suspect that its a bit screwed up, but does work to a certain degree.

The Sex Age Limit(UK)
In the UK it is 16, and even though i am 17, i find it quite disturbing, especially after reading a great book that was for a novel studies in grade 11, "A Brave New World." You can find more about it here:, it is a definite MUST READ. Anyway, people all over the world are complaining about how grotesque underage(18) sex is, which should be enough. However, it isn't, and i believe that a better explanation is needed. During that age, people are still growing mentally and physically; from my experience, i only recently began to mentally stabilize once i hit 16, and am still getting my barrings at the age of 17. So think of it this way, people will make many mistakes in deciding who or why they want to have sex. Not to mention, the lower limit promotes sex at ages such as 14, because people think that it is only a 2 year difference, so what wrong with that? Another reason is that it is disrupting age laws in CND and the USA, simply because teenagers are learning about the age limit in the UK. Teens in America are most likely thinking that, because it is 16 they can do it here as well. further more, because 16 is the limit, they should be able to have sex at the age of 14! Do you really want to have to take care of a kid when your 14, or do you want your children to bare babies?

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